Our Piercing Team

Our piercing team is dedicated to providing you the most amazing, safe and beautiful piercings. All our Piercers, in addition to have Oregon state Piercing licenses, they keep current in Blood-borne Pathogen and CPR/First Aid Certifications and do significant hours of continuing education at the Association of Professional Piercers annual conferences and elsewhere. Whether you find that one of us is your perfect fit or you enjoy all our different personalities, you will find a safe welcoming space at Velvet Elvis and get the respect and care you deserve from our team.


Aaron Solomon - Piercer/Owner Specialty Level 1

Aaron has been full time working professional piercer since 1998 and opened Velvet Elvis Piercing in 2008. His sweet calm demeanor and educational style has made him a favorite with clientele. Aaron is always raising the bar and striving to bring you the very best. He is a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and has been granted a Specialty Level 1 Piercing License. He also holds a seat on the Oregon Board of Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners, where he works to better the Body Piercing industry statewide.


John Figone - Piercer 

John is a licensed body piercing technician and valued staff piercer that was trained during a lengthy apprenticeship by Aaron. He is a connoisseur of the fine jewelry and great at helping you design just the right set for anything. He has spent two years consecutively taking a full class load at the APP conference as well, and has become an excellent piercer with an ever growing clientele. 


Guest Piercers

From time to time we are happy to invite skilled guest piercers in. Not only does this foster industry community and opportunities for peer education, but it also gives our hard working piercers a day off!